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With everyone’s help, we can reduce road carnage and achieve Zero Road Fatalities in our country!


The number of road traffic collisions and fatalities is relative to the issues that contribute to them, so that ARRIVE ALIVE is constantly engaged in activities to help correct these issues, such as lobbying for safety laws and enforcement, educating on road safety and fundraising for roadway furnishings and signage.


Here are some of the issues that we face and for which we need support:


  • Increased number of vehicles on the roadways, both new and foreign used (over 700,000 registered vehicles for our 1.3 million citizens)
  • Increased number of licensed drivers
  • Increased affordability of motor vehicles
  • Increased number of inexperienced drivers owning or accessing a vehicle
  • Increased driver distractions – cell phones, DVD players, etc.
  • Lack of enforcement of traffic safety and licensing regulations
  • Insufficient number of Police and Licensing Officers dedicated to traffic safety
  • Lack of continuous training for Traffic Police and Licensing Officers
  • Lack of meaningful penalties for traffic violations, eg. driving under the influence of alcohol, excessive speeding
  • Lack of measurable performance by governing bodies
  • Inconsistencies in licensing standards and vehicle inspections
  • Lack of legislation for technology use in traffic enforcement
  • Lack of proper driving instructor training and auditing
  • Lack of defensive driving training and drivers education
  • Insufficient infrastructure for minimizing accidents
  • Insufficient infrastructure for increasing volumes of traffic
  • Poor pedestrian infrastructure and education
  • Insufficient illumination on many roadways for night usage
  • Increase in stressed out, impatient drivers, creating a new class of driver
  • Lack of data measurement for traffic safety management strategies

Of course, there many more reasons but these are the main culprits that have resulted in the implosion of traffic safety systems.

You can help by getting your family or company to implement various road safety policies, making a donation, giving us ideas or joining us to correct the issues that make our roadways unsafe!

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