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About Us

ARRIVE ALIVE is a non-governmental, apolitical organisation funded by public and private donations and
it is an organisation dedicated to saving lives and preserving lifestyles. ARRIVE ALIVE was founded on
December 31st, 2004. From inception, our primary objective was to bring the high levels
of road carnage and overall lack of road safety to the national forefront.

We began our mission as a group of concerned citizens whose
roles and responsibilities were shared among the initial core
supporters. The organization was quickly formalized and incorporated as a non-profit, apolitical
organisation on July 19th, 2005.

This collective effort of many has resulted in a gradual decline in the number of serious
road traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities over the years. Our road safety messages
are everywhere but unfortunately, the fact remains that the road injury and fatality rates in
Trinidad & Tobago continue to be unacceptably high.

As a road safety NGO, we will continue to lobby for safer drivers, safer roads and safer vehicles.
We will lobby for increased enforcement of legislation. We will lobby for road safety audits of the
black spot locations.

Our Board is small and includes accountants, engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about
our country.

Our Mission

To advocate for better road traffic management systems and to support and educate the various
stakeholders on the complex issues of road safety through inter-agency collaboration and
intervention and to positively impact the behaviour of all road users so as to preserve
lifestyles and save lives.

Our Vision

Keeping families together with ZERO injuries and ZERO fatalities.