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Angela Gonzales

Posted on: December 9th, 2016

Angela Gonzales, died at 67 years old

My Mother was a very hardworking and dedicated person. Her passion was serving God and her family. Angela Gonzales started in Petit Valley in a family of eight children. Although her beginning was simple her ending was not. My mother spent most of her retirement doing work in church and going on outings with some of her girlfriends. But spending time with her children and grandchildren is what gave her great joy. Yes, she faced many trials but she always believed that God will take care of them. Mummy’s last acts were praising and worshipping God. This I believe is the greatest thing one can achieve – the opportunity to be sure in God’s presence. Unfortunately, on her way home after pray meeting , a man took her life while she was waiting to cross the bus route. This driver didn’t even stop. All I can do is pray. Pray for her, my family and for him because he took away someone very important to so many. My mom was a member of St Vincent de Paul Society, Prison Ministry and the Home for the Aged in Arima. May God continually rest her soul and let perpetual light shine upon her.