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Julia O’Souna

Posted on: April 14th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Julia O’Souna, Died 2021-02-14 AGE:31

AUTHOR OF STORY: Gweneth O’Souna / Mother


On February 14th of 2021, Julia Diamond O’Souna, age 31, after spending a wonderful day at the Palmiste Gardens in San Fernando, a day she described as the best day of her life. She was the passenger of a vehicle on the North-Bound lane and the Uriah Butler Highway. The driver came into contact with another vehicle which was involved in, illegal drag racing on the shoulder of the North-Bound Lane. Upon contact, the car Julia was in, lost control, spin, went up into the air and landed on the hood of the car. Julia, although she was wearing a seatbelt emerged out of the car and was under the car when it landed.

Autopsy revealed that she died on impact.