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Krystle Ranjitsingh

Posted on: December 9th, 2016

Krystle Ranjitsingh, died 2007-06-22, 24 years old

Krystle was a young vibrant girl with her whole life ahead of her. It was taken from her in the blink of an eye. I still cannot believe she’s not here. When this happened I was angry with God, with everyone. Asking why me? Then my other daughter Chelsea said, “Mom, we are only focusing on ourselves. This happened to Krystle, she should be asking why her?” No one knows the vacuum you have – she’s not here to laugh at your corny jokes. I do have wonderful memories that I hold on to. The most important thing that I have is No Regrets where she is concerned. We let her fulfill her dreams, she wanted to go on a cruise ship to further her career and she did. She partied like no other. She fell in love; she will always be with us.

On that morning at 4:30am, I was asleep and just opened my eyes as if someone said, “Get up”. About 15 minutes later, Sachin ran into the room and said,”Mommy, something happened to Krystle.” I jumped out of bed and saw one person standing by the doorway. What I didn’t see was the road filled with all of her friends who was at the accident and saw the fire services washing down the road. The police officers kept telling me to go home, we have no information, we will contact you. What they didn’t want was for me to see her in the vehicle – burnt. I eventually went home and my nephew who was with me (also an officer) went back to the accident. The rest is a dream or nightmare – still don’t know. Maybe I will wake up and she will be here… or maybe not.