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Ride To Live

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

  • ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET – Choose a helmet that fits snug. It is the law.
  • WATCH YOUR SPEED – Obey posted speed limits.
  • KNOW YOUR LIMITS – Your bike has limits: KNOW THEM.
  • SIGNAL – Use your hand signals and always wait on the green light. Look right, left and right again before you ride off.
  • KEEP A SAFE DISTANCE – Never tailgate. Give enough time and space to react to other motorists’ actions.
  • USE BOTH BRAKES – Brake smart. apply both brakes slow and steady.
  • BE SEEN, BE VISIBLE – Clothes must be bright florescent and even iridescent. Avoid blind spots and always use your headlights day and night.
  • PRE-RIDE CHECK – Do a thorough pre-ride inspection: tyres, gas, lights, brake and horn.
  • NEVER TAKE DRUGS AND RIDE – Alcohol and drugs impair you ability to judge and react.
  • BE ALERT – Never assume that every vehicle, truck or pedestrian sees you. Your safety is your responsibility so be vigilant when on the road.
  • SAFETY FIRST – Every time you ride, ride to live. You see a biker – someone else sees a dad, mom, brother sister, child or friend.
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