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Ryan Rambarran

Posted on: January 12th, 2023

Ryan Rambaran, Died 2018-07-01 AGE: 36                   

AUTHOR OF STORY: Rae-Anne Rambaran-Mungroo – Sister

Anyone who knows anyone who LOVES cricket would have been Ryan’s instant best friend . My brother loved this sport so much that despite suffering from a dislocated shoulder, he continued playing cricket.

One week before he left us, he called me at 2:00am, “check yuh WhatsApp, check it now eh. Do a collage fuh meh ah sending the res ah pics now now!” The phone hung up, and both my eyes were finally fully wide opened. My phone vibrated again, interrupting my thought process. “ Yuh check it yet?” My response, “ ah gonna do it now, check your phone in the next ten mins.” My elder brother sounded like a thirteen year old excited young man or a child who had met their hero.

My WhatsApp from him had various pictures of him playing cricket in the Oval from that night. Even pics with his son and his name, R. Rambaran on the electronic billboard. After sending him the collage, he called to say, “my dream finally came true!”