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The 9th Road Safety Awards 2022

Frequently Asked Questions:
The 9th Road Safety Awards 2022



Who is Arrive Alive?
Arrive Alive is a non-governmental, apolitical organisation funded by donations from the general public and Corporate T&T. We are dedicated to saving lives and preserving lifestyles. Arrive Alive was founded on December 31st, 2004 with our primary objective to bring the high levels of road carnage and overall lack of road safety to the national forefront.

Our collective effort has resulted in a gradual decline in the number of serious road traffic collisions, injuries and fatalities over the years.

What is the Road Safety Awards?
Every year Arrive Alive, in partnership with the Ministry of Works and Transport, endeavours to honour hard working First Responders who have shown a commitment to saving lives on the nation’s roads. This year’s event is made possible with the kind sponsorship of Woodside Energy.

When and where is it being held?
June 7th, 2023
9:00am to 1:00pm

The Multi-Purpose Hall
The Ministry of Works and Transport
2-4 London Street

Why is it important?
First Responders play a valuable role in the rescue of road traffic collision victims. They work tirelessly, knowing that every second counts. This type of work can take an emotional and physical toll on them. Their contribution often goes unnoticed, therefore it is important to recognise the efforts of those who excel in carrying out their commission.

What does this event include?
The event features distribution of awards to individuals and groups as well as speeches by select dignitaries.
Those honoured will include:

  • Members of the Fire Service
  • Traffic Wardens
  • Ambulance Personnel
  • Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
  • Transit Police
  • Municipal Police

How are the awardees chosen?
Arrive Alive provides the criteria for each stakeholder organization. They use this as a guide to identify the individuals that have shown leadership in road safety. These individuals have consistently contributed to a safe road environment and the prevention of injuries and deaths on our roads.

Contact us
For more information please contact us at:
Phone: 675-LIVE; 283-1766
Facebook: @arrivealivett
Instagram: @arrivealivett