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World Day of Remembrance 2022 for traffic victims

Posted on: October 12th, 2022

The annual World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims will be commemorated on Sunday 20th November 2022.

With this high-profile global event, we remember the many millions who have been killed and seriously injured on the world’s roads and we acknowledge the suffering of the affected victims, families and communities.

This event is an the opportunity to highlight the enormous scale and impact of road deaths and injuries. It calls for an end to the often trivial and inappropriate response to road death and injury investigations. It strengthens advocacy for urgent concerted action to stop the carnage.

It’s important to protect the rights of all road users, inclusive of vulnerable road users like pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. Those responsible for the planning of infrastructure need to take all road users into consideration.

This year’s theme is JUSTICE.

Justice for road traffic victims should:

  • Reflect empathy and a high value for life
  • Be administered fairly and impartially
  • Be swift and transparent
  • Bring awareness to social responsibility
  • Involve investigation after a crash to find out if a crime was committed
  • Include criminal prosecution when appropriate and civil compensation for those affected.

Benefits of justice:

  • It gives closure to families
  • States clear consequences which act as a deterrent for future offenses
  • It helps citizens feel safer on the roads.

This year’s event features a public Long Distance Cycling Ride starting from key points across Trinidad and ending in the Central Trinidad.

Additionally, we will be hosting a private brunch for the family members of road traffic victims.

When is the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims 2022 and what does it consist of?


This year’s event is on Sunday 20 th of November, 2022.

It features a free Long Distance Cycling Ride (round trip) starting from key points throughout riding along the routes will be accompanied by Outriders of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Novice cyclists, runners and walkers have the opportunity to ride around the Velodrome starting from 7.30am.

This year’s event also includes a private brunch to benefit the family members of road traffic victims.

Where is the World Day of Remembrance event being hosted?


The start locations and times for the free Long Distance Cycling ride are as follows:

Area Start Location Start Time Route Distance
West Jean Pierre Complex 6:00 AM Wrightson Road; CRH; UBH; SHH 40 km
East Trincity Mall 6:15 AM CRH; UBH; SHH 36 km
Central Bankers Insurance 6:45 AM Main Rd Chag, SHH, Couva Main Road 18 km
South Manny Ramjohn Stadium 6:45 AM SHH; Couva Main Rd 20 km

Novice cyclists, runners and walkers can lap around the National Cycling Centre from 7:30 AM

Rendevouz prior to returning:

National Cycling Velodrome

Off Balmain Main Road, Balmain, Couva

Why is this event important?


Road deaths have become common disasters that continues day in and day out in all countries of the world. Every year, millions more road victims are added to the current toll of the tens of million killed and hundreds of millions injured.

It is an actual pandemic, affecting primarily our vulnerable and our young.

In addition to the trauma of injury and bereavement it also has a devastating economic impact for countries, communities and families. By means of this event, we highlight the serious effect that road traffic deaths have on our society. We also give emotional and psychological support to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one due to an accident.




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