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Eshana Deidra

Posted on: April 14th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Eshana Deidra, Died 2021-02-27 AGE:30

AUTHOR OF STORY: Chitra Deosingh (Mother) & Father


Deidra died on the 27th of February 2021 while returning from work. She was trying to get away from huge potholes on the road and ended up hitting a concrete barrier on the bridge, her airbag deployed and unfortunately, she instantly died.

The pain of grief was another chapter in our lives. Dealing with the loss of a child is the most difficult thing any parent can go through. I had to process and analyze the situation and I then decided that being stuck in this situation isn’t going to work for me since I do not want to slip into depression.

Within 3 months, I started doing projects around my home, while also attending to my job. That has allowed me to focus and to date I continue to do various projects, for example painting, craft etc. to cope. It  helped a great deal, notwithstanding we have other quiet moments of reflections of the impacting memories that we will cherish for all times.