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Isaiah Rodriguez

Posted on: April 15th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Isaiah Rodriguez, Died 2021-06-16 AGE:26

AUTHOR OF STORY: Tehera Kerr/ Sister

It was fathers’ day, Sunday 21st of June 2016. Around 8:00am my brother and his friends left and said they were going to buy breakfast. Soon after rain started to fall heavily. Around 2 hours later a taxi driver came and informed me that my car, which they had borrowed to go out that morning, had gotten into an accident at the traffic light on the corner of 6th Avenue, Barataria and the Bus Route. The taxi driver also stated that it appeared that whoever was in the vehicle appeared to be dead.

By the time my family and I arrived at the site of the accident the bodies were removed from the car and carried to the Tunapuna funeral home and the car had been transferred to Barataria Police Station. Later we were informed that the driver who had collided with the vehicle was drunk speeding up the Bus Route while returning from a party.