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Jonathan Belix

Posted on: December 10th, 2015

Jonathan Belix

Jonathan Belix, died 2004-08-31, 22 years old

Corner Olton Road and Priority Bus Route, Arima

Johnny was the passenger in a vehicle crossing the PBR at the Olton Road intersection when an unauthorized user of the PBR ran a red light and smashed into his vehicle. He sustained two broken legs and due to a lack of proper medical care died two days latter on Independence Day of 2004 at the Eric Williams Medical Complex. Johnny’s case generated a lot of national debate in the local media about the failing of the public health care system.

He was only 22. A talented creative soul. An unmatched charisma. And a great friend never to be forgotten. The lines from his last recording sums it up well: “Nothing in the world ever lasts forever/So in this moment I will love you more than ever/Because when tomorrow come ah have to deal with the stress of losing you, baby, God bless, bless me, baby, God bless me.” RIP Johnny-B.