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Kendell Roderick

Posted on: December 2nd, 2016


Kendell Roderick, died 2008-02-28, 29 years old

My second son a very humble child – nothing was hard for him to do or give to anyone. On the day -28th Feb. I went to do some shopping, after I finished I called him to pick me up which he did. I saw that he had a haircut so I told him he was looking handsome, we had a little laugh and he dropped me off saying he had a baby shower to go. So he left and went by his girlfriend to do whatever he had to do. I watched a bit of television and about 12 o clock, I got a phone call saying that Kendell was in an accident. I just started to pray, went and called his brother to take me to the hospital. On my way, I kept calling to know what was going on. On my arrival, I got to the emergency area and saw his girlfriend running out. (I just said that he was not dead.) A doctor asked me who I was and then they took me and explained. I did not believe till I saw his body – all I was seeing was like I am back in 1990 all over again. I am in so much pain – only the Lord knows this feeling. So keep on sleeping my loving son.