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Kirk Smith

Posted on: December 10th, 2015

Kirk SmithKirk Smith, died 2010-11-16, 22 years old
Bangor Maine off Essex St

Please please be careful out there on the road at all times and be very careful of some of the people u get in the car with u never know what can happen and please don’t drink & drive I lost my fiancee my youngest daughters father & he was just like a father to my oldest to and they ask for him everyday & we lossed him just because he thought it would be cool to go & party with a few friends and then get in the car with one of them who was drinking and willing to drive and he just trusted him when he never should have & now there is nothing I can do for my daughter when they ask for him it breaks my heart all because of some stupid decision he made that night now we all paid the price 🙁 and we miss him soo dearly he was a great father & friend and he had The Biggest Heart Everr!!!

He was just an all around great down to earth person. He was an awesome guy to hangout with & no matter what he will always be in our hearts and missed for eternity!!!! So my life changed that night and so did my girls its never gonna be the same so please watch out & keep your eyes open and remember u can’t just trust anybody!!!! :/ & something/anything can happen in and with just one blink of an eye!!! So please be safe drive safe with no speeding!!!!