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Marc W. Guy

Posted on: December 2nd, 2016


Marc W. Guy, died 2016-01-11, 28 years old

What can I say about my brother Marc – he was all the love in the world contained in one person. Marc brought joy to the hearts of all with whom he came into contact, whether they are of the very young or of the very refined in age. Marc was my best friend, my twin even though we are separated by seven years. He was mommy’s baby, my brother Nicholas’ strength, a motivator, my dad’s pride and joy. It is ten months and nine days since Marc’s going home – this day is hard because like today – a Sunday was the last day we saw Marc and spoke to him. Our Sundays will never be the same again. We miss Marc dearly, a part of us has been taken away forever. Marc was asleep in the back seat of the vehicle expecting to be dropped off at home. He never woke up and he never came home to us. Mommy was the last to speak to him that night.