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Ryan Rambaran

Posted on: April 15th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Ryan Rambaran, Died 2018-07-01 AGE:36

AUTHOR OF STORY: Saveer Rambaran / Son

As the son of the victim Ryan Rambaran, this is my perspective of that disastrous night. It was a rainy night, I remember that my mom woke me up at 12.30am, telling me that my dad got into an accident .  We then went to the Chaguanas Heath Centre, where my dad was being treated. The doctor then told us that my dad was being transferred to Mt. Hope Hospital. He had a broken leg and was bleeding internally.

My dad overtook someone and lost control and slipped. Later at approximately 7:17am the next day he sadly passed away and became a victim of road fatality. I was seven years old.