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Sachin. Terry Singh

Posted on: December 10th, 2015

Sachin. Terry Singh

Sachin. Terry Singh, died 2009-08-15, 12 years old

Mosquito Creek,South Trinidad.Sachin Terry Singh was on his way to the Queens Park Oval to witness the BALLS OF FIRE Cricket and Football match that featured some of his biggest heros,the likes of Brian Lara, Darren Ganga AND Dawyne Bravo to name a few when he lost his life.Sachin played football, Cricket,was learning to swim, was a Tassa player, and even wrote A calypso for a competition at his school and even in the 4H CLUB at school, an active member of the temple that he attended along with his family.All of this energy pact into a young and vibrant 12 year old boy God must have really needed more angels in heaven when he decided to take him from the close knit family that he belonged to. His mom ASHA,dad Ian and his partner in crime brother(18) Shivanan,cousins Shiva and Shivnarine relatives and friends still cry everyday.The memories of him will forever live in our hearts…

The lack of concentration while driving,is a major distraction and contributes significantly to the carnage on our nations road. Please people pay attention to the road when driving. Spare another family the pain and grief that my family and I continue to face everyday