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Farley Quintal

Posted on: April 14th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Farley Quintal, Died 2022-01-08 AGE:53

AUTHOR OF STORY: Christopher Quintal / Brother

Farley lived at Diamond Village, just outside of San Fernando. He went to work that day, the incident happened on a Saturday. My wife and I were going by my sister Jeanine for an annual after Christmas lime. I was on my way home to get ready when I got a call from my cousin who told me that Farley got into an accident. I argued because I thought I would have been inconvenienced. We made a few calls and on the advice of the St. Margaret’s Police we made our way to the Couva District Hospital.

There was a lot of traffic so we soon realised why. Under the fly over I saw my car which my brother had borrowed, being pulled onto a flatbed. The amount of damage made my wife and I concerned, as we both thought, how could someone survive that, but we were both silently hopeful.

When we got to the hospital a Doctor greeted us, apologising profusely, saying they did everything they could. They bought us to the body under a tent, covered with a white sheet. It was not an easy thing to see my younger sibling laying on a cold stainless steel table. I kissed him, took off his jewellery and shoes as we cried. I then made calls to my sister and others to advise of this terrible thing.

Farley was buried on January 19th of 2022. We know he was on the Southbound lane of the highway , on the left side. He drifted onto the right side of the road and entered onto the median, colliding into another vehicle on the Northbound side. Surprisingly his body did not bear signs of the incident, there were very slight and tiny cuts on his face.

May he rest in peace.