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Hansraj Ronnie Nanack

Posted on: April 15th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Hansraj Ronnie Nanack, Died 2021-11-22 AGE: 42

AUTHOR OF STORY: Vicky Balgobin / Wife

My husband’s name was Hansraj Nanack. He was the most kind-hearted, honest person I have met. On November 22nd of 2021, at around 12:35pm my husband got into an accident and died on the spot. Upon hearing the news my kids, myself and the rest of the family were devastated. We felt like we lost our whole world. Words can not describe how we felt.

My husband was a very healthy person. He used to always take really good care of himself. He was always a happy person, even on rainy days. For three years he was unemployed, and he had finally gotten a job at Alescon Ready-Mix Ltd.

He started to work in September at Alescon Ready-Mix Ltd. Only two months at that company and he lost his life. On November 21st they had sent him Tobago to work. He told me that he did not want to go but he also did not want to tell his boss anything because  he had just started working and didn’t want to loose his job. When he reached Tobago I spoke to him to make sure that he had reached safely.

On Monday 22nd November at around 8:00am my kids age 5 (boy) and age 2 (girl), asked to speak to their dad. I called him and he spoke to them, he told them how much he loved them, and me. I told him that we will speak later and at around 12:35pm, we got a call that he had died in an accident. That day my world came tumbling down for me and my kids.