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Shermarke Pascal

Posted on: April 15th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Shermarke Pascal, Died 2016-01-11 AGE: 31


Shermarke was an obedient and well-disciplined child. He was always willing to learn and had the utmost love for animals. He completed Primary and Secondary school; he then entered the public service as a Clerk1. His true love was to be an officer in the Coast Guard.

Finally, Shermarke was an avid athlete. He acquired a few trophies throughout his primary school years.

Shermarke was loved by all, he will be very dearly missed.


AUTHOR OF STORY: Antonette Martin / Friend

Shermarke was the most polite young man I knew. I’ve known him since birth as his mom is my best friend. He did well at school and later started his career in the Public Sector as a Clerical Officer. His aim was always to become a Coast Guard and before his untimely death he had enrolled there.

Shermarke is dearly missed. His mistake was allowing a friend to drive his vehicle which he had just purchase three months before his death. A friend and Shermarke died while the driver survived.

Gone but not forgotten.