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Jonathan Inglefield

Posted on: December 10th, 2015

Jonathan InglefieldJonathan Inglefield, died 2009-02-11, 25 years old

We lost our son during the late evening of February 11, 2009. After having dinner with us at home that evening, Jonathan died when another car “ran the red light” at the Westmoorings intersection travelling in an easterly direction. Jonathan had on his seat belt. He was travelling across the traffic intersection going north. He may have been on his cell phone. His car span around and hit the traffic lights on the north east corner facing Westmoorings. Jonathan did not have a scratch on him.

There was no blood. He died of internal damage to his spleen and liver. He was 25 years of age. Jonathan lived for maybe 10-15 mins, and although in obvious chest and abdominal pain, was able to talk to some of the people who arrived on the scene of the accident. He was upset that the other driver had damaged his car.

His birthday was November 29th, so this is a very sad month particularly for his family. He went to Fatima college, as well as to Sheridan College in Canada. He played tennis and then golf for Trinidad in his early years. He loved all kinds of sport particularly football and Manchester United. Jonathan loved down-the-islands and to fish. And, his friends came from all walks-of-life – an integrated healthy Trini bunch of friends, as well as many overseas friends from college who kept in touch via Facebook. Jonathan was no angel but was a healthy young man who is surely missed by his family and friends.

A car is a weapon just like a gun or a knife…don’t take your life for granted. Drive defensively. Travel with a calm and gentle heart.