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Josiah Phillip

Posted on: April 14th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Josiah Phillip, Died 2021-02-14 AGE:23

AUTHOR OF STORY: Kathy-Ann Phillip / Mother


Today it hurts my heart that I have lost my son and from the date mentioned and up to this date I have gotten no feed back or justice from the police. I made several trips to the station, I have asked to see the investigating officer and was told that he was not there, every time. I’ve never received a visit from them either. My family have no support from the justice system.

My son has 2 children and a wife that with Gods’ help I help support. Thank God for Mr. Batson for obtaining a copy of the police report for us, that they refuse to get to us. I hope that one day we get the justice we need.

Thanks, Arrive Alive.