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Michael Crawford

Posted on: April 14th, 2023

VICTIM’S NAME: Michael Crawford, Died 2022-09-02 AGE:27


On this day 02/09/22 at 7:45pm was the most unexpected phone call I could of get. Knowing my husband kissed me on my forehead and told me that he was coming back home just now. That day never came. He died one month before his only baby birthday, she turned 2 years old. He would do anything for his family, he was very hard working. He didn’t sit down, he was always looking for it for his family. My baby asks for him so much. We love and miss him so much.

Up to now we don’t have closure because we do not know who was right or who was wrong. God is good though, he knows best! I just want people to take their time on the road and stay safe!

We need justice.



One day I was at home when someone came knocking on my door. I quickly ran out only to hear that my son was in an accident. Not knowing that was the last day and moment that he will be with us. My son left us suddenly, without saying goodbye. It was unbelievable. My son is gone but not forgotten. My child is with me all day and may his soul rest in peace.


AUTHOR OF STORY: Stepdaughter

On the day of the tragic accident my mom received a call informing her about the accident. The person who was on the other end of the call told us that he was gone by motorcycle on his way to his hometown.

The way we felt, no words can describe. It was the most painful thing his entire family have heard.