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Rajiv Narine

Posted on: January 15th, 2018

Rajiv Narine, died 2015-06-17, 17 years old

My name is Vidya Narine this is my story I lost my one and only son Rajiv Narine in a road accident on de 17 May 2015 my life get very different I was very heart broken and full with lots of pain I can’t focus on anything else but my son I never get any justice or any answer from what really happen every time I try calling de police is all kind a run around the boy who my son was with that night live next to us every time I see that boy everything just flashes back he never came to us and say what really happen that night all they tell people is just an accident because his stepdad is a police but I sit and cry and pray to god for my son every day I miss him so much because he was close to me sometimes I feel the world could end for me before I go to sleep at night and cry I try to do things when people told me to but it dont work my son was my only piece of gold he was quiet and humble you could say anything to him he never answer I also lost my one and only brother on de 8 march 2015 my life just full of memories i pray for both souls to RIP.