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Richard David Morrin

Posted on: August 7th, 2018


Died 23rd.September 2001.

24 Years of Age.


We lost our Son and Brother Richard who was a helicopter pilot, in the wee hours of the morning of the 23rd. September 2001. Richard had just finished celebrating a small birthday lime at home with family to commemorate his 24th birthday, which was on the 19th September. It was now time for celebrations with his friends. Richard and his friends went to both what was known at the time as Base Nightclub in Chaguaramas and then to Pier 1. On returning home that night, Richard was a back seat passenger of his friend’s car along with two young ladies and the driver. On approaching Acton Court Apartments just after the Four Roads Intersection . His friend Paul, lost control of the vehicle in which they were travelling and slammed into a concrete cylindrical slab by the ‘Big Tree’ heading into Diego Martin. Nothing happened to the driver except for some minor brusises, but the young lady travelling in the front seat of the car, broke her leg and her younger sister who was in the back seat with Richard, she sustained a broken shoulder blade. Richard was trapped in the mangled car for almost half an hour, while the ‘Jaws of Life’ had to be used to cut him out of the vehicle. Richard was then rushed to the Port-of-Spain General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Richard suffered severe cerebral injuries (head injuries). Richard attended Fatima College and then studied to become a helicopter pilot, both in the United States and United Kingdom and he was employed at the time of his death with Bristow Caribbean Limited. Richard loved playing many sports such as football, basketball and hockey. He was just a fun loving person, always laughing and smiling and ready to crack a joke or two. He is gone but his memory will always live on in our hearts FOREVER !!!!