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DATE 4th June 18
YEAR 2017 2018
# FATAL RTA’S   41   44 7% Decrease
# OF DEATHS   44   46 5% Decrease
The interventions to continue to decrease serious road collisions, injuries and death on our nation's roads would include standards of vehicles, engineerings and maintenance of our road network (barriers, surface of the roads, pavements, signage, lighting) enforcement by ticketable offences as well as breathalyzers, speed guns, education and awareness, transparent and rigorous licencing systems as well as improving training and professionalism of our emergency response services.


Our Mission

To advocate for better road traffic management systems and to support and educate the various stakeholders on the complex issues of road safety through inter-agency collaboration and intervention and to positively impact the behaviour of all road users so as to preserve lifestyles and save lives.  

Our Watch Words

As a road safety NGO, we are "dedicated to saving lives & preserving lifestyles".  

Our Vision

Keeping families together with ZERO fatalities.


Driver Education meetings are provided to traffic offenders to include those who have been arrested for Drinking and Driving. The meetings include a presentation that covers driving under the influence; the consequences of speeding, fatigue and driving without seatbelts; distracted driving; passenger safety; global statistics; and acceptable road safety behaviour. Graphic road traffic accident videos are also shown to emphasize the consequences of making poor choices as drivers.

Meetings are held as follows:

Attendees are asked to come half hour in advance in order to be registered for participation in the presentation. For further information, please call 675-LIVE, 238-1766 or 717-0948 or email us at

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United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020